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Yongte Master Alloys Co., Ltd.

       Yongte was founded in 1992 in Jiangxi, China, located in a historic and picturesque setting at Jin-gan-shan district, approximately three hours south of Changsha, Hunan . As one of the most famous producers and a leading supplier of auxiliary materials for aluminum cast houses in China, the company has  developed a range of grain refiners, compacted powder alloying tablets, aluminum master alloys, fluxes, ceramic foam filters and castable refractory products for aluminum industry worldwide. Yongte has a strong reputation for quality, its products have exported  to many countries , and are extensively used in smelters, semi-fabricators and foundries throughout aluminum industry for the production of high-quality alloys destined for a multitude of applications from beverage cans, aluminum coin and overhead power lines to aerospace and automotive components.

      Closely following the international new development in grain refiner technology, molten metal treatment, boron treatment and dissolution mechanism of concentrated additive , Yongte works closely with China's research centers and university in the development of its specialized equipment and the pursuit of the highest level of product quality. We strictly adhere to international quality standards and quality consistency through using modern laboratory equipment in all our manufacturing facilities and ongoing assessment of all our products .

          The companys advantages lie in a flexible operation facility, competitive labor costs, and access to raw materials and inexpensive hydroelectric power. Yongte also owns a grinding production facility for manganese and chromium powders in order to control the alloying tablets quality more stringently .

          the company has been guided by a philosophy of growth through a commitment to benefiting customers with service, low cost, technical development , and high-quality products. 


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